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Fans look at merchandise in a vendor's booth during the opening day of Salt Lake Comic Con at the Salt Palace Convention Center on Sept. Fan Xperience 2016 runs Thursday through Saturday in Salt Lake.For the last few months, announcement after announcement has been issued by the fantastic public relations staff of Salt Lake Comic Con, broadcasting news blasts and updates of exciting celebrity guests, epic side events and highly enticing contests, all in hopes of drawing more attendees to the annual pop culture convention.From classic art to cutesy designs, intricate paintings to catchy graphics, the talented artists at Salt Lake Comic Con basically have you covered.

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Get the details on the whole experience here, and check back soon for a first-hand account of the madness!

Reason #1: Fear Factory Ghost Hunt As if the first nine reasons we gave you were not epic enough, we’re adding one more must-see reason to the list, but only for those willing to pay for the experience (isn’t that just about true for anything at a convention like this? This year, the Fear Factory in Salt Lake City is sponsoring a ghost hunt Saturday night at 10 p.m.

Beagle, author of “The Last Unicorn.”Photo opportunities and autographs are still available for purchase from most of the stars.

You can find out if there’s anyone on your must-see list by clicking here.

Here’s a good tidbit for those who are coming for the costume watching. Reason #9: The celebrities and authors Because clearly costumes aren’t a good enough reason for everyone to brave the crowds and check out Salt Lake Comic Con, our next reason is probably the most popular: a whole lot of celebrities and authors will be there!

Salt Lake Comic Con’s Official Cosplay Contest (where the best of the best tend to gather) takes place Saturday, with the performance aspect of it from 6 p.m. From Simon Helberg of “The Big Bang Theory” and Stephen Amell of “Arrow” to professional wrestler Hulk Hogan and comic book icon Stan Lee, the celebrity realm is basically covered.

If you like laser tag at all, don’t miss out on this excellent chance to take the game to a whole new level!

As an added bonus, many of the actors, because yes, the game is stocked with real zombies, come from local turf at the Fear Factory.

From art to action figure, comic book to bobble head, they pretty much have you covered. You can also check out a vendor booth list here, and get some shopping done in advance. If you have kids, attending a convention with thousands of people can be a really overwhelming experience for both you and the little ones, which is precisely why Salt Lake Comic Con’s Kid Con is so fantastic.

This year’s Kid Con includes gaming, super hero training, Utah Children’s Theater, stations for coloring and crafting and even kid-targeted photo ops with superheroes and more. Reason #6: Artist Alley Among the coolest parts of many cons, but especially Salt Lake Comic Con, are the artists that show up en masse to share their work with convention attendees.

Set to be featured on Saturday are celebrities such as John Barrowman and Stephen Amell of “Arrow,” Leonard Nemoy, who played the original Spock on “Star Trek” (available via Skype), Charisma Carpenter of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and Barbara Eden of “I Dream of Genie,” among others. Feel free to nerd out with other fans on your favorite topics.

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