Adult aspergers syndrome dating other aspies quotes on validating yourself

The following links lead to websites that ASPEN has found helpful in learning more about Asperger Syndrome.The websites listed here are not associated with ASPEN and are for educational purposes only.

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Adult aspergers syndrome dating other aspies

Auties for the first global employment service by people on the spectrum for all people on the autistic spectrum.

Yale University Learning Disability Clinic major center in the United States for research on Asperger’s Syndrome is at Yale University.

Crash Course to Accepting your Asperger’s Syndrome Writing from the perspective of a young adult with AS, an extensive book list, links, Aspie humor, and more!

Donna Williams home site for prolific autistic author and artist Donna Williams featuring articles, on-line galleries, music and other resources for people on the autistic spectrum.

I was talking with someone on Yahoo who uses it the other day & she told me that they are charging for membership now & the site is not as good as it used to be.

I don't think dating sites for Aspeis are a good idea unless the guys are gay because of the high ratio of Aspie men to Aspie women I would recommend . You must be, said the Cat, or you wouldn't have come here.

Read about their general research on this topic or go directly to the Asperger’s Syndrome page.

Pacer Center The mission of the PACER (Parent Advocacy Coalition for Educational Rights) Center is to expand opportunities and enhance the quality of life of children and young adults with disabilities and their families, based on the concept of parents helping parents. A List Serv allows you to join an on-going e-mail “chat” on a specific topic.

It's a dating site for people with mental illnesses/disorders/issues & you can select Autism/Asperger's in a check-box for diagnoses. I tried using D4D before but that site like most others had waaay to many guys for girls & a lot of the women were wanting a guy who's the opposite of a typical Aspie.

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