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' or, 'black guys kill in country ____x' If you have game and patience, you will obviously find some Greek women who will sleep with you...

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Non whites are less than .3% of total population The largest groups are albanians and russians and americans.

In theory shouldn't there be lots of desperate greek girls looking to bang foreign rich men?

You would not believe how many times I have heard from other blacks and some whites "Watch out for .

They hate black people over there." You keep hearing that shit over and over again, while seeing images on television and film of white dudes going to whatever random country and the women dropping their panties instantly, and it starts fucking with your mind, and yes, your self esteem as well.

I have nailed women in EVERY SINGLE foreign country I have traveled to, except the Bahamas (of course, I was only 6 when I went there), including places where I was told were not good for black guys.

I have banged girls after being told from white "friends" that this particular girl didn't like black guys.

Only possible downside is Greece is east europe and east european men have seemingly a rep on this board for hating on/almost starting fights with other guys who come in and pick up all their women.

There have been numerous black guy threads here with guys asking 'is place x good for black guys?

and they'd tell me stories about how women would throw vagina at them even white girls told me how men would openly hit on them.

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