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I like to open my tunic so that I show them off and when I worked in that ward doing nights I used to see how many old... just softly massaging them with my fingers makes me go crazy..especially the left one... i went to one of my friend and she toold me about a new tailoring mart near the city center and suggested to go there. Once the lightening storm begins, my blood begins to feel like lava flowing through me. This story, I have only shared with one other person, my husband,but I decided to share it with you.It's kinda become a fantasy just to have my breast touched by anyone who want to touch a boob! Why can't I find men that only want to put their hand on my boobs, oh I just wish men could just reach me and ask for a sweet boob touch, women are... i generally wear jeans or trouser with loose top or t shirt. I started last month and now m so addicted to it that i cant sleep without rubbing them. i wanted to wear a low neck blouse with backless patern, and i did not want... I love love love my breasts to be touched and to be sucked.. Being hyper sensitive, I can easily have shattering ******* with the... They're so large that one pair of hands can't massage them all at once. I love the feeling of them being groped and rubbed and jiggled. This happened not long after I was fully lactating during the summer.

i was travelling in a bus wearing quite a deep neckline top without a bra. Can be either a man's or a woman's, older or younger (but I do prefer older, I think it's so hot).

i was very tired n resting in the last seat of the bus.

Weeks later she found their love sessions being marketed on a pornsite: Asian Sex Diary.

She called up the operators, but they presented her with a contract she signed with her ex-boyfriend that allowed him to use the sex tapes for profit.

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