Adult sex chat puerto rico - Validating electronic source data in clinical trials

Statistical societies recommend that description of data cleaning be a standard part of reporting statistical methods.

In real practice it is often causes a lot of confusions of what is refering to data cleaning , deviation from clinical protocol or data abnormalities (Figure II).

Validating electronic source data in clinical trials

Data reconciliation, which take place at the end of clinical trial and refers to a process that compares two sets of records to make sure they are in agreement.

This includes matching the source and reflecting an accurate, valid value.

Pyle in his "Data Preparation for Data Mining" is refering to "outliers" as: "single, or very low frequency, occurrence of the value of a variable that is far away from the bulk of the values of the variable".

In fact, determination of outliers depends on purpose of analysis.

It serves as basis for analysis, submission, and approval, labeling and marketing of a compound.

Without good clinical data – well organized, easily accessible and properly cleaned - the value of a drug may not be fully realized.Part of monitor responsibilities, depending on sponsor request, is to verify data consistency with the source data or documents:1. This type of reports should be submitted in written trial-visit or trial-related communication with appropriate information included (, site, name of the monitor etc.) Even though electronic data management techniques allow to prevent a lot of "dirty data" during data collection, there are much more actual processes of data cleansing.The Data Warehousing Institute (DWI) estimates the cost of bad or ‘dirty' data exceeds 0 billion annually.The actual cost of bad data may never be known, but it's safe to say the cost is significant enough to move up on your to-do list.Even less published information exists on methods of quantifying data quality".

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