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Our conference will bring together scholars from different disciplines, engaged citizens and artists to discuss these questions and exchange ideas and practices.We expect disciplines as diverse as architecture, arts, psychology, political theory, economy, gender and minority studies, public health, theology and history. DSi N wants to create a welcoming space within Hotel Casa with creative and inspiring workshops, with knowledge through text, image, voice, music, danse, film and meeting. Therefore we have several plans: see the tab 'Accessibility' for more information. Interpreting services are available in Dutch Sign Language (NGT) and speech to text writers / captioning services in English.

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DINNERSTORY - I AM SO I BELONG The impressive performance of Margriet van Kampenhout during the conference dinner has been filmed (in English with dutch subtitles) and can be watched on YOU TUBE.

In her 20 minutes dinner story Margriet highlighted some memorable initiatives people take to make themselves and others feel and be respected members of their community.

SLIDES SPEAKERS The speakers offer you the opportunity to view a PDF version of their slides. slides can be downloaded on the disability studies website.

IMPRESSION MOVIE Please, find HERE an impression movie (subtitles in English) with interviews of Dutch and international participants, keynote speakers & visitors filmed during the conference by Kennisplein Gehandicaptensector.

Every educational programme is unique, that's part of the reason why being a 'student for a day' will be different at the various faculties.

The application process can vary per programme as well; on this page you can see exactly how it works for the programme you are interested in.People with and without disabilities and their allies will participate. Dutch participants who find it difficult to understand English, can make use of translators.Sofie Sergeant explains in this You Tube video what our conference is all about.Het tekenlab draaide op volle toeren, er was ruimte voor reuring en rust.Er was lekker eten en drinken en bovenal kansen voor ontmoetingen met oude en nieuwe vrienden!We will in particular focus on the way belonging, commonality and/or partnership is enabled by disability and people with disabilities and how disability in these cases intersects with other categories like gender, race and class.

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