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In response to this claim, Rebecca and I couldn’t disagree more!

But is social media harming us and stopping us from making […] Hello and welcome to Single in the City!

, I like to bring in a special guest or expert to properly speak on the discussion pertaining to that week’s show.

In 2009, Laura was the co-host of Rogers Television show “Dating 201”.

She currently hosts the Dating and Relationship Radio Talk Show Sunday nights at 9pm on AM640.

All of the relationships we have in our lives are so important.

From romantic relationships to friendships and even to sibling bonds, the people we surround ourselves with […] Getting Over Break Ups Can Be Difficult Are you starting the New Year off with the break up blues?The one thing as a matchmaker that I do have the power to guarantee is that through our social events and hard work in finding your perfect match, you will meet several amazing people, all with the potential of being an important part of your life and have tons of fun doing it.Sometime’s I will admit, I’d like to think I’m cupid (because how cool would that actually be?! So far in doing that, I haven’t received any complaints from the tons of happy couples I’ve matched together!At the end of the day, if you don’t give anyone a chance because you’re so set on finding a partner that meets your personal checklist, we may never find that person.Or even worse, you can miss out on getting to know someone who would’ve been perfect for you hadn’t you give them a chance!Well recently on the Dating and Relationship show I spoke with Natalia Juarez a breakup, divorce and […] You’ve been dating 3 months -So what do you do for New Relationships on Valentine’s Day?

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