Updating older motorhomes

In the last few years, a computer desk has become especially important to the RV lifestyle. That way, you’ll nip potential problems in the bud.If you’re a fulltime RVer and you work remotely, you need a computer desk in your RV! Here are some great ideas to keep your RV functional. This tip comes to us from David Violette, the Quirky Observer over at

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As this post from Do It Yourself explains, there’s a hidden danger in the laminate floors in RVs: they can contain formaldehyde. If you’re keeping your upholstered dinette, your couch, or other furniture, why not refresh it with new upholstery?

When you start cutting into your laminate flooring, you risk releasing formaldehyde into your RV’s interior air. Get a quote from a local upholstery shop, as this post on The Fun Times suggests. Why not check these things out before you hit the road?

Luckily, these are easier to install than you might think. As David says, an inverter is “very useful when not plugged in to shore power or not on a generator.” An inverter takes the 12VDC power from your RV’s batteries and converts it to 110VAC–the type of power you need to run almost every common appliance.

Check out this post from The Fun Times Guidefor advice on choosing a spot and a style and getting it all installed. “Inverters have become almost a necessity in modern motorhomes,” David says. Many fulltimers depend on the internet to make a living.

Watch as “Thor” describes the hassles he encountered with Thor and the Camping World where he purchased the vehicle.

The RV spent five months of its first year-and-a-half in the shop.

Some of them don’t kick on at the right time, and some kick on too early. If you’re painting a vintage trailer, this post from Vintage has great tips.

A digital thermostat eliminates a great deal of these problems. Revamp your RV’s exterior, and you’ll find yourself with a vehicle (and home) you can be proud of. For larger RVs, it’s probably a good idea to hire a professional.

Note: removing your old bolt-down sofa will leave holes in the floor.

If your new furniture doesn’t cover these holes, you’ll want to fill them. A wainscot, or half-height wall panel, can really bring definition to a space.

Now, take note: as this post on Do It Yourself explains, RV wallpaper is paint or wallpaper over the existing stuff without removing it. If you’re wallpapering your accent walls, you might as well update your non-accent walls so the whole thing holds together. RV curtains are limited only by your creativity—especially if you make your own, as Julie from The New Lighter did. New flooring can make a significant impact on the overall feel of your RV’s interior.

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