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Possessiveness is another trait that you may notice in this guy.

Sometimes when a person may be too emotionally dependent on a relationship, he tends to think of the partner as their “property”.

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Other instances of neediness are dreading, fearing or panicking over small indiscretions or issues.

Thus your date may tend to get restless or upset if you fails to meet or reply to his message or call and automatically assume the worst.

A person with severe abandonment issues may force a partner to stay by saying something like 'I’ll end my life if you leave me' or other ways of threatening self-harm.

Such people need therapy or at least counseling and if the man you are dating says something similar, he needs to get help and fast.

Above all, make it a point to keep your promises – if you have said you will call, make it a point to do so.

Your guy’s abandonment issues is likely the result of broken promises and one way of helping him to overcome them is to show that you can be trusted.It is only natural for a person to feel hurt and lonely after being abandoned by someone close.However sometimes, this kind of rejection – especially when it occurs in childhood or in impressionable years – can lead to chronic as well as intense feelings of insecurity and isolation, which make relationships problematic.So if they perceive their partners getting near to others, they take it as a violation of their rights to their partners and become insanely jealous.An extreme form of this neediness sometimes takes the form of emotional blackmailing.Build your partner’s confidence Take every opportunity to tell your date how much you find him attractive and why you wouldn’t want to be with anyone else.

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