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Aside from that statistic, this of course may not come as a huge shock to some people, Missouri being a southern state.

What is even more staggering though, is that Ferguson is not the only place in the country where this trend can be seen.

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In fact there are more than 1581 police departments in the US that arrest black citizens even more frequently than that of Ferguson.

One might imagine that these police departments might be similar to Ferguson, but they are scattered all over the country.

According to FBI data, there were 8,730,665 people arrested last year.

Of the people arrested, 69.4 percent were white, and 27.9 percent were black or African American.

It is entirely possible that a person living in a different circumstance might have a vastly different view of things, as it is now clear to me that there is such a disparity in arrest data for black and white offenders.

But its not all doom and gloom according to Lin, things are starting to change for the better, “It’s a hopeful moment,” he said.

So it may not surprise you that there is some truth to many of these stories.

According to USA Today, the police in Ferguson Missouri arrest black citizens three times more often than people of any other race.

Although the events of Ferguson Missouri, wherein a white officer shot dead an unarmed black teenager, happened quite a while ago we are still seeing the effects and backlash from it.

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