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Media portrayals of men as aggressors may discount the fact that men are victims of dating violence.

College students who reported beliefs of men being more dominant also indicated narrower views of dating violence.

This could suggest that college students who have more education on dating violence may also have less stigmatized views of men as aggressors.

The stigma around men as victims of dating violence is often accompanied with shame for men who experience dating violence from their partners.

Dating violence among college students is exceptionally high, ranging from 20-50%, and can happen to anyone regardless of age, sex, race, or background.

College students are often entering and exiting relationships, sometimes for the first time, and healthy dating behavior may not even be known.Study limitations and directions for future research are also discussed.CLUB INTIMATE HAS SHUTDOWN Since 2005, Club Intimate has provided a free dating service to people all over the world, tens of thousands of people benefited from our free service.Unfortunately in our society, violence is often portrayed as an accepted part of everyday life.Some believe that violence is an effective way to solve problems or even make individuals feel good.To keep this resource 100% free for users, we receive advertising compensation from the sites listed on this page.

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