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That way you take into account any changes in weather (heat and cold can affect pressures).

But also if you are only going to do the bare minimum and check them just once a month, it will compensate for that too, as on average tires will lose one psi every four weeks under normal riding conditions.

Christine, who blogs on "Christine's Corner", is thinking about selling her Harley, feeling as if she needs to find a greater calling in life.

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You should examine your bike from front to end and pay particular attention to your tires.

With a motorcycle you only have two wheels on the ground and you should take time to inspect your tires as often as you can.” READ MORE: Everything You Wanted to Know About Motorcycle Tires Even if you are a long-time experienced rider, Tennent recommends some basic things you should do to keep you and your bike safe out on the road.

And for the record, I don't live the lifestyle either.

A lot of people talk about the "lifestyle", but probably 1% of 1% of these people ever actually achieve the lifestyle. You've heard the term, "Live to ride, ride to live". But it's rare to find someone can who actually live up to that creed. Most of us live for other things as well, most of us have other things that depend on us, and most of us are governed by other things.

Firstly, buy an electronic tire pressure gauge from any good automotive store.

They are not expensive and start from as little as around .

Did you know that if you don’t regularly check your bikes’ tires and air pressure you can compromise your bike’s performance and put your own life at serious risk too? “That doesn’t always happen in the real world,” said Tennent. It’s a bit like being an air pilot carrying out a pre-flight inspection.

Tennent, to get some sensible advice from a man who has the impressive title of “Engineering Manager, Firestone Consumer Products, Government Products, Bridgestone Motorcycle Karting Products.” An avid long-time motorcycle rider, Tennent in his spare time is also an instructor for the Motorcycle Safety Foundation and is Chairman of the Tire Rim Association, Motorcycle Sub-Committee, which decides specifications for bike wheels, tires and tubes that are sold here in the U. Before you ride your bike you should check your entire motorcycle over every single time.

READ MORE: How to Change Motorcycle Tires “Once you have checked both tires are in good condition with no serious wear or damage, you should then do the pressure check.

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