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” box, your group message will be transformed into a Face Time-esque screen with multiple video boxes.

Granted you all join at the same time, you will be able to talk in a group video chat.

But I think we’d have difficulty hearing anything if, say, we had some music on in the background.

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You can also switch between the front and back camera, so if the Older Boy’s not paying attention to the screen, I can just use the front camera to track him wherever he goes.

And you can hold the phone either in landscape or portrait mode.

When the new fourth-generation i Pod Touch came out in the fall, it featured Face Time too.

Face Time features heavily in Apple’s advertising for its devices.

He wants to bang on the keyboard and touch the screen.

Once, he tried to give his grandparents a kiss on the computer screen — super cute, but it was a bugger to clean the screen afterwards.

But it’s still a challenge juggling the camera and computer at the same time and keeping him in the frame.

With Skype video chat on the i Pod Touch, I can take the camera and screen right to wherever the Older Boy is playing.

Tests by PC Magazine also suggest the video quality on Skype isn’t quite as good as on Face Time.

But the fact I can actually use it to chat with my parents — unlike Face Time — makes it, for me, a much more useful tool.

None of them lasted more than a minute and most were with someone else testing out their i Pod a few steps away from me.

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