Cnbc secret science of online dating

A modern day oil rush in Williston, North Dakota is fueling a boom in jobs, construction and the opportunity to get rich.

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Highlights of CNBC Original TV show including documentaries and special prime time series hosted by CNBC anchors and reporters.

CNBC Originals TV show are the best of the best in non-fiction feature programming, focusing on the business community's biggest stories.

Pill Poppers takes us on a tour through the world of pharmaceuticals – and reveals that drug discovery has as much to do with serendipity as it does with science.

We learn that the purpose of some drugs has changed -- like Ritalin, for instance, which was originally designed to treat depression in adults before becoming a blockbuster treatment for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

Bob Pisani gains unprecedented access to the mines of South Africa, the gold vaults of London and the never-before-seen largest private gold reserve in the world.

Viewers also can get a glimpse inside the trading pits in New York and the shop floor of America's largest gold jewellery manufacturer.

This CNBC Original documentary also explores a “Costco Effect,” the routine tendency of its members to succumb to the store’s discount-chic lure and spend more than they expect, often buying more than they need.

The 80-year-old TV industry at the precipice of a distribution and content revolution.

Scientists think it may even make you more intelligent.

Pill Poppers also investigates the consequences of over-prescribing antibiotics, and reveals the drugs that have changed the world, from Prozac to Viagra.

CNBC introduces viewers to Samantha Daniels, a former divorce lawyer thriving in a trade that pre-dates the Internet by centuries.

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