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A blog that's not only one of a kind, but one of a kind and fucking funny.You may not laugh at everything, but I know for goddamn certain you'll laugh at something.Something ain’t right if you’re drinking before driving the kids to school, then having them drive you to the store to reload the clip on the way home so you don’t catch a DUI rap.

Won’t catch on to a new sound until it’s on the radio twenty times a day. The goddamn bars they have in them, however, are complete ghetto douchebag conventions.

Won’t watch that movie if the bootleg man ain’t got it in stock. And since ghetto people have a bad habit of f*cking off all the dedicated bars in town, leaving the security guards of said defunct establishments needing a post to work, you end up finding both varieties of meatheads converging on the local Friday’s.

These are people whose horizons and minds you can’t expand to save your life…even if you’re buying! They have a life-tose intolerance, they just ain’t digesting much (unless it’s pork).

This, but they’re also the biggest lemmings…meaning if the whole hood is on it, they’re on it. I mean, as a restaurant, Friday’s is cool, you can slide off in there and get a proper meal that’ll stick to your ribs, feel good about life with the game or some random ESPN show on in the background.

One never knows when a diamond is uncovered in the rough.

Because that’s basically what picking up women is, mining. Hungry to f*ck that one ready girl…likely her friends too, if they’re up for it.Ways of customizing a car or wearing clothes that have existed for years ain’t cool…at least they weren’t until that baller rapper they aspire to be (with) mentions it in his song. Somehow Friday’s shines as this supposed place to be. Because these are places where the dedicated bars never existed to begin with, there’s a true obnoxiousness level one finds himself steeped in the minute they walk in. How in holy hell did Friday’s just become like the sh*t to ghetto people? It’s lit like the developers of each location went nuts buying up the local f*ckin’ Lamps Plus.As far as interest in international travel, the ghetto person is probably the one who speaks of Africa like it’s a country, or maybe that dude who wants to go to Brazil only because he thinks a porno shoot will break out when he leaves the airport. Other features of the decor make you think a barber pole just threw up on its walls and tables after having too many Friday’s drinks.(Really…tryna bag the court reporter when you’re a defendant?Might be time to cut back on the Too Short just a scosche.) Funny thing is this has another effect.*Having been around the block in bed, if diseases and popping out babies like rabbits is any indication, is the obvious exception. Whether it’s macking or bringing a date, you can’t hear a goddamn thing in there! Ghetto people pack lots of patience for Friday’s because most people with half a brain and any dignity dig in their heels, spin 180 degrees and jump it off elsewhere. Anyone reading this, please explain why the hell T. There’s a time and a place for getting it in, and until then, gotta be about that self-control.

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