Channel 4 disabled dating

“I am 22-years-old and the majority of my friends are disabled young people.

They all declined.” Parker defended The Undateables in her reply, insisting it reflects “how some individuals view people with disabilities and conditions and how this can sometimes affect relationships” and “has gone a long way to breaking stereotypes”.

Dines claims the programme reinforces stereotypes which are “soul destroying” for people with a disability “especially young people”.

She also revealed several Team GB athletes had been asked to participate, but all declined.

Dines also accused Channel 4 of “segregation” because it broadcasts a similar reality programme called First Dates which has featured very few disabled people, while The Undateables only features those with disabilities.

I am proudly unapologetic for these things because, although there are many people who would find me undateable, there are also a lot who can’t help but fancy the cycling bibshorts off me. People living with challenging conditions are often considered undateable – this series meets a few and follows their attempts to find love” – this is Channel 4’s description of the show.

Certainly, cheap and insulting labels like ‘undateables’ and other presumptions mean that a lot of us do have it hard when we first start to date.

She said: “The Undateables is a much-commended series that aims to challenge society’s pre-conceptions.

When looking for contributors, the production team approach a wide number of individuals, experts and charities and nobody who is approached is assumed to be single or deemed to be ‘undateable’ but rather we hope they will help us spread the word reaching people who have enjoyed previous programmes and may like to take part.” Below is a piece written by Paralympian Hannah Dines about her experience.

“We are often singled out throughout school as different by able-bodied peers who perhaps don't have the maturity and/or the education to realise that actually we are more similar to them than different, so why carry these perceptions on into adulthood on national, primetime television?

” Dines added: “The truth is that all people can be pretty undateable at times, disabled or not.

This was an embarrassment, not to me, but to the society in which I live in 2017.

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