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I am just curious as to if he would be able to try and drag us through anything he can as he has previously stated.

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(3) After the child's birth, he and the child's natural mother have married, or attempted to marry, each other by a marriage solemnized in apparent compliance with the law although the attempted marriage is or could be declared invalid, and a.

He has acknowledged his paternity of the child in writing, the writing being filed with the appropriate court or the Office of Vital Statistics; or b.

He stated that he was advised that due to my marriage he has no standing for anything, including not being able to file for a petition of paternity.

This man has demonstrated very obsessive behaviour towards me; he is also a "recovering" drug addict.

My husband and I live in Alabama and had marital problems to the point that I left for several weeks. My husband and I have reconciled but I am worried as to what the father of the child may try to do later.

The father stated that he would do anything possible to make sure my husband does not care for this child.

(6) He and the child's mother have executed an affidavit of paternity in accordance with the provisions of this chapter. Anyway, we broke up in August just randomly out of the blue.

(b) A presumption of paternity under this section may be rebutted in an appropriate action only by clear and convincing evidence. It was over the dumbest of reasons (not having spoke to each...

I have been married for 7 years we have 3 boys and we have had our shares of ups and downs like any normal relationship we have been separated before because he has cheated on me in the past but always managed to work things out and get back togther this last time we had split up for 3 months I... I believe that he has hired back his attorney to deal with us and our child.

During his drunk ordeals he has talked of his plans, to be with this other...

As for child support the OP CAN'T ask for it as that would be tantamount to the husband disclaiming the child. This is not Permitted under the [AUPA], as long as there is a Presumed father, pursuant to 26-17-5(a)(1), who has not Disclaimed his status as the child's father; consequently, Another man...

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