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Pretty difficult to justify eight full seasons as the head coach of one of the premier franchises in professional sports and earning only two playoff berths, not to mention just the one postseason win. This very sentence has half those reading screaming aloud, thinking this hypocrite just said Garrett deserves another season, yet readily admits that this franchise demands better results than he’s provided.Yeah, kind of, sort of, except that, well, this isn’t as simple as football and wins and losses. The distractions, which were caused in zero part by Garrett, in both 2015 and this season were beyond any the franchise has dealt with the last 20 years.

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The defense should only improve going forward with the young secondary making skyscraper-like improvements the last few months.

Think we would all love to see David Irving and Lawrence play 16 games together, too.

This leads me to two quick points: Yes, Dez Bryant should return next year.

I was really impressed with how he dealt with the media earlier this week, and he’s not a problem on the practice field or in the locker room.

First off, not to steal the Philadelphia 76ers thunder, but why wouldn’t we trust the draft process at this point, of which Garrett plays a significant role, as much as any head coach not named Bill Belichick.

Has any team put together stronger drafts the last two years? Should have eight or nine starters and Ryan Switzer returning kicks and punts from just those two classes.Still, Dallas needs some playmakers in the passing game, be it a wide receiver or a tight end.Think Jason Witten plays another season, but the offense needs more options, and no one is quite sure where Rico Gathers is.Here’s the reality: There are going to be almost no changes between now and the 2018 regular-season opener.My best guess: A few tweaks among the position coaches, the usual bottom-half roster turnover, they use the franchise tag for De Marcus Lawrence, hope for another solid draft, and there are 16, 17, maybe even 18 returning starters next year. If Rod Marinelli wants to return, he’ll turn 69 years old before camp starts, he has more than earned that right and the Cowboys should be elated.Depending on Week 17, this group could, probably will, end up around fifth or sixth in the league in terms of snaps played and productiveness.

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