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Connect a special smell with you." I didn't have an old fragrance that would bring back a "when we met" nostalgia but I wore a different one to usual.

"It could be something he gave you that you haven't worn in a long time.

One of Venda's outspoken traditional leaders, Chief Luvhaivhai Avhatakali Tshivhase of the Tshivhase Royal Council, said it was derogatory to the culture of the Vhavenda.

As custodians of the Vhavenda culture, tradition, language, customs and values, we feel this type of movie is insulting and disrespectful to the Vhavenda nation and us as traditional leaders.

Even though I felt uncomfortable in bright pink, I wore it to meet a friend for lunch.

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The Vhavenda attire or minwenda is an identity and symbol of the Vhavenda nation.

Anyone who uses it for obscene purposes should just know that he is not only inviting the wrath of the community, but also the ancestors,” said Chief Tshivhase.

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