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For most other, less important services, adding barriers to access is likely to drive users into the arms of the competition.So we’re stuck with passwords until biometrics become a pervasive reality.

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The rationale for preventing password pasting is that malware can snoop the clipboard and pass that information back to the crooks.

But this is using a sledgehammer to crack a nut because Kee Pass uses an obfuscation method to ensure the clipboard can’t be sniffed.

If the tool gets in the way and forces me to think about how it works, it’s a failure. But while passwords are imperfect, they’re the least worst option in most cases for identifying and authenticating a user, and the best way of making them more secure is to use each password for only one site, and make them long, complex, and hard to guess.

However, some websites are purposely designed to be less secure by subverting those attempts. Two-factor (2FA) authentication is often seen as a more secure method of authentication but it’s patchy at best.

And employers can’t mandate 2FA for access to Facebook, for example, which might well be the chosen method of communication of a key supplier, or a way of communicating with potential customers. Two-factor authentication is also less convenient and takes more time.

You’re prepared to tolerate this when accessing your bank account because, well, money.

CTR puts things, such as toolbars and menus – back where they were, so they work they have always worked – and for that matter, the way that most of my software works.

But after the upgrade, CTR cannot work, as the hooks provided by the browser for it to do its stuff don’t exist in the new version.

Because that’s what allowing my browser to upgrade to the latest, greatest version would mean.

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