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He had lost some serious cash to video poker machines, but he wasn't in hock to any loan sharks.He and his wife had recently separated, but Kathy Hornstein proved to be a gentle soul who had remained close to her husband.Neighbors described Barry as a friendly, honest, open, ethical guy.

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Cindy's mother immediately took a liking to Jack and his family. Divorced and working three jobs at the time, she says she was stretched for time, but her strong-minded, self-possessed, independent daughter seemed to be able to take care of herself.

Cindy, an outgoing redhead, was popular and hard-working, a good student and accomplished athlete.

Law next considered Barry's 17-year-old son, Jack--not as a suspect, but as a potential target.

He was an introverted teen who liked computers, played linebacker for the Grant High team and dated his share of girls.

One student told Law that Jack had begun hanging with the wrong crowd, "cruising" downtown on weekends.

A neighbor said Jack had the "usual teenage problems." Jack had egged a friend's house, and his friend had retaliated in kind. A "neighbor girl" disliked him, as did an ex-girlfriend.

He'd had the same job as an insurance agent for more than three decades.

Hornstein is Jewish, but there was no evidence suggesting the bombing was a hate crime.

Barry Hornstein isn't sure what he thought when he walked outside that morning and saw a length of pipe lying in his Laurelhurst driveway.

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