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Further more, the API's is a lot easier to use then SAX, because it pull based it gives more control on iterating the document and works more pleasant then the push way of SAX.

Aight, what do we need: The code is a bit to large to show it here as a whole.

stax validating xml-26

Last but not least, XSLT1.0/2.0 are non-streaming, meaning that they will read the entire source document into memory, so this clearly excludes XSLT from the possibilities.

This leaves us with Java XML parsing as the only option left.

Both the source files, XSD and test XML can be accessed here on Git Hub.

It has a Maven pom file so you should be able to import it in your IDE of choice.

The ideal candidate is in this case of course St AX.

I'm not going into the SAX ↔ St AX comparison here, fact is that St AX is able to validate against schema's (at least some parsers can) and can also write XML.

Our best option is to create some pre-processing tool that will first split the big file in multiple smaller chunks before they are processed by the middle-ware.

The XML file comes with a corresponding W3C schema, consisting of a mandatory header part followed by a content element which has several 0..* data elements nested.

Currently Woodstox is the only known implementation.

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