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Naturally I doubt there will much in the way of records about me with Singlestation considering I had all records of my involvement removed via the then owner.

When I spoke with the girl in member services, she told me that I was unrealistic on what I was looking for.

But I was told when I joined that I would only meet people who fit my exact criteria.

He said they have a 75% success rate, and there was no place else where I get to "pick what i want from the menu" I finally gave in after 3 hours of pressure.

I thought that if I met the right person out of their 10,000 members that it would be worth it... I was matched with people who were not even close to what I specified.

I made the mistake of going to the Singles Station Dating company in Tulsa Oklahoma. Over the phone they sounded very nice, asked a lot of personal questions, then asked me to come to their office for an interview.

When I asked how much their service cost, I was told some garbage about how by law they couldn't tell me how much it cost because it would be an offer of membership, and they couldn't offer me a membership until they met me.

Point is that, the only dating service I was involved in that required video was 'singlestation' and was also the only one I was member of that was 100% useless.

I dont consider Single Station a ripoff but not necessarily a best choice for dating services.

Then, these potential customers can compare their experiences with ours (and the original poster) and then decide on their own whether to do business (and pay $$$$$) with these folks.

MY STORY: I too made the mistake of going to the Singles Station Dating company in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma rather than Tulsa.

The reason I found this web site and filed this negative report is because during the recent holidays, I met a couple of women who attend my Church who last year (2005) signed up with Singles Station Dating Service/Match Made in Heaven and experienced the EXACT same thing that I did.

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