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Smirnoff was a performer on the third season of the ABC series Dancing with the Stars with celebrity partner Mario López."Dancing With The Stars" pro Karina Smirnoff changes fiances as often as she changes dance partners -- partly because dancers lead sexually charged lives ...

Sources close to Jason Adelman -- who announced he and Karina were engaged in January -- say he called things off because she has "different family values." We're told he's not accusing her of cheating, but he was uncomfortable with the way she acted around other men ...

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His company, Aura Imports, is committed to promoting the social and economic progress of people in the region by marketing their handcrafts in a just and direct manner.

Proceeds from the web site help over 100 deserving Tibetan and Nepali students.

It only checks what syntax the browser recognizes, which doesn’t necessarily mean it will work correctly when used.

I’m not sure if the cause is ignorance about the spec changes or that Webkit hasn’t caught up with those changes yet (but it will, soon).

Their goals are achieved by uniting impoverished students with individual sponsors, giving them the tools and opportunities necessary for success.

Living under harsh economic conditions, too many bright young minds have no ability to receive an education, so they too might have a chance to raise themselves out of their condition and benefit others.

You’d be surprised how many people post pictures wearing sunglasses, but experts at e Harmony say it is a big no-no.

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