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Then you can buy the ‘program’ for and save yourself 5 just 90% off the ripoff price they charge everyone else.That sounded a lot like my experiences with the program. What worked for me won’t necessarily work for the next guy or gal. I just don’t think it should cost someone 0 to handle the dice.Then when you aren’t magically cured by this collection of cassette tape in 30 days, send it back with no obligation to pay the .00 a month that they bill your credit card for the next 6-7 months. They start ripping you off immediately with the inflated shipping charge and then start removing your money 30 days from the ORDER DATE which typically is 10-14 days BEFORE the 30 day trial period STARTS.

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I found more lasting tools to manage my OCD and the resulting fear, anxiety and depression, and that was the end of it.

When I found the tapes, I chucked them in the trash along with the rest of the rubbish I was clearing out of the car.

Cleaning out the trunk of my car yesterday, I came across a stack of cassette tapes from a period in my life when I was so desperate I’d spend stupid sums of money on anything to remove my fear and anxiety.

These tapes were part of a program that cost me some $450.

The gist was that the Center had used misleading claims and credentials to charge them a lot of money for programs that didn’t work (or at least hadn’t worked for them).

To be fair, a number of Center apologists also weighed in, and for a while we had a spirited, thought-provoking give-and-take going.

They figure the credit card number is just a placeholder. That’s what this program is: A money-sucker that preys on desperate people. I purchased the program on August 22nd 2011, tried to return it on September 26th 2011 and was told I could not do so because the trial period had ended.

The lesson here is that you can’t go for anything packaged as a quick fix. The program consists of CDs and accompanying written material.

When I came back inside, I found myself looking up articles about the Midwest Center and found some surprising items.

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