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His divorce had been "delayed because I was never in one place long enough to complete the process," though he and she had already been living separate lives since the mid-1990s.

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There was, however, no count for disclosing classified information, i.e., Plame's status as a CIA operative. He was acquitted on one count of making false statements.

Indeed, it was already widely known (even by prosecutor Fitzgerald) that the actual "leaker" was Richard Armitage, via columnist Robert Novak. He was not charged for revealing Plame's CIA status. Supreme Court." Agreeing with the Bush administration, the Obama Justice Department argued the Wilsons have no legitimate grounds to sue.

In 1997, while she was working for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Plame met former Ambassador Joseph C.

Wilson, IV, "at a reception in Washington "..." at the residence of the Turkish Ambassador." According to Wilson, because Plame was unable to reveal her CIA role to him on their first date, she told him that she was an energy trader in Brussels, and he thought at that time that she was "an up-and-coming international executive." Professionally and socially, she has used variants of her name.

On July 14, 2003, Robert Novak, journalist for The Washington Post, using information obtained from Richard Armitage at the United States Department of State, effectively ended Valerie Plame's career with the CIA (from which she later resigned in December 2005) by revealing in his column her identity as a CIA operative.

Legal documents published in the course of the CIA leak grand jury investigation, United States v.

She worked on Blue Gender: The Warrior and some episodes of Case Closed.

Her first major ADR Directing project was Gunslinger Girl, in which she also voices Henrietta. She became a line producer for the Funimation dub of Shin-Chan and also voiced the title character.

Libby, and Congressional investigations, established her classified employment as a covert officer for the CIA at the time when Novak's column was published in July 2003.

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