Consolidating credit agencies

National Debt Relief focuses on helping individuals and families get out of debt and avoid bankruptcy.

Freedom Debt Relief is a credit advocacy company founded in 2002 by Stanford Business School graduates.

Maybe they have worked with debt management companies and found some they liked.

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Choosing the right debt consolidation company requires homework.

Before you decide, you should contact several agencies and interview them the same way someone would interview you for a job.

Serving over 5 million people, they offer professional debt and budget counseling, including debt consolidation services.

Lexington Law Firm has more than 25 years of experience helping consumers repair bad credit.

This debt relief solution may be helpful for consumers with many outstanding debts, especially if they have debts with high interest rates.

When combined with debt negotiation (also known as debt settlement), debt consolidation helps consumers save substantial amounts of money, develop a workable budget, pay off debt and save money for retirement.

The agency should have been in business for at least seven years and be non-profit.

The advantage of non-profit debt consolidation companies is that they can offer their services for free or low-cost since they are funded in part by contributions from creditors.

A reputable consolidated credit counseling agency will give you truthful, useful advice on how to manage your money and use credit wisely.

The agency will also help you establish a written budget and offer educational materials and financial workshops.

They provide various counseling services and financial literacy education to consumers across the country.

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