Dating at techcrunch

” It appears that the folks at Tech Crunch might also believe, as Russell himself did, that “Leisure is essential to civilization.” Could there be a truer truism?

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It told in a statement that the change's purpose is to make the service more human and to give interested parties a name to call the other by from the get-go.

The spokesperson also said that they've been getting positive responses despite the public outcry against the new feature:"To give you some more background as to why we made the decision to remove usernames -- this is a part of our mission to add more substance and depth to dating.

Or they came up with a seriously awesome user name, and now they forgot it and can we please help them recover it.

And we get thousands of requests to change their username because it doesn't feel like the right thing anymore.

Some of those who recently paid for Premium membership to be able to get new usernames aren't happy that they're not getting any refund.

Ok Cupid is now giving everyone free access to the name change process, after all, and has reportedly even locked out people until they complied.But we also adhere to the belief that the pursuit of love is an activity that, albeit leisurely, is absolutely necessary. Sure, you can’t expense a date on the company card or charge it to your place of work as a billable hour, but the time you spend looking for love is fully compensated, at the end of the road, when you find it.So while some time may sink during the quest, that time will be worth it when you get to your final destination.Think of it as a potentially long flight that just happens to take off and land at the exact same local time, just in different time zones. “Each person is invited to vote once per category per day through Wednesday, January 6th at midnight PST.Once you cast a vote in a category, you are able to share your vote through Twitter and Facebook.” Put a little bit of work in for Zoosk by voting every day until January 6th, and we’ll ensure you get the best time sink application the web has to offer for as long as your heart desires. In response to the 'workarounds' we have stated that in order to qualify as a name it just has to be two letters minimum, no numbers or symbols.

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