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She didnt see any sign of her children but that was nothing to be concerned about.

Often they were inside cleaning up the house or making dinner.

His being blind didnt matter at all to Sheila; for they were saying hello instead of bon voyage. Why didnt she heed her neighbors warning about the man who just moved into the neighborhood two weeks ago?

Miranda mentioned in a conversation with her that she thought the new man on the block was acting odd at night.

He would come out of his house and circle it for several times and then walk back in.

Living across the street from him, Miranda had watched his comings and goings often, for she liked to keep tabs on new people.

Now, he was outside, she saw him--doing God knows what and she was all alone!

It was getting dark outside and hard to see what was going on.

All she could see out of her living room window was her neighbor, circling her home and scanning all parts of her home while he was doing it Round in circles he went, never stopping.

And so it begana beautiful and loving friendship that would later turn into marriage and all it took was courage and faith in someone different and a bit strange But, arent we all different and strange sometimes?

She was no longer alone; in fact, shed never been alone The Good Shepherd made himself known in spirit and stood at the door, with strength and fierce love; there to protect Elizabeth, one of his sheep.

Tonia loved going home after work; at least, she used to.

I cant put my finger on it but he just seems so controlled, so obsessive.

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