Mlp dating sim who is ester dean dating

[divider] According to the Kickstarter video Dark Skyes is 95% complete, with inserting existing art into the game and other .The team even mentions that the Alpha is already complete, but in a rough state as Alphas tend to be.

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That being said, the team refuses to show any part of the alpha to anyone. is something mentioned in the game description, but there’s no mention of the game on the internet until the Kickstarter launched.

Given that the team is supposedly comprised of experienced game developers wouldn’t they do some prelaunch hype?

Then there’s “deep rpg elements” that are mentioned a couple times but never described, a “massive map” that would seem curiously out of place in a dating sim, and mention of weapons and character classes.

Information on how these elements work together to form a cohesive game would be nice, but are nowhere to be found.

Maybe tell friends in a forum somewhere that they’re working on a game?

3/14 Update – “mulp” reports in the comments section that the version of MLP that’s at the core of Brony culture did not premier until Oct.

Not necessarily a red flag that it’s a scam, but you should be concerned that so much is being promised for so little.

[wp_ad_camp_1] [divider] So first we have the 100 hours of gameplay, that’s fine, you could say that any game has 100 hours of gameplay if you want to play it over and over.

Conclusion: Again, it could be an incompetent designer, someone that doesn’t know how to write a Kickstarter pitch, or a particularly lazy and inept scammer.

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