Dating a taurus

You’ll enjoy a stable household where everything is taken care of.

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While he is logical and level-headed, he will unleash his outrageous temper if you continuously get in the way of his routine.

Taurus men don’t adapt well when things get chaotic, and you will have to learn how to calm them down. But their rational thought process keep your life with them fairly free of drama.

While he has a soft and gentle manner about him, he’s much too practical to accept gifts of a lavish nature.

He will, however, buy you beautiful things to wear for he loves seeing his mate in lovely garments.

Taurus men may have a hard time putting their feelings into words, preferring to let their actions speak for them instead.

A Taurus man will try to show his affection for his partner by doing little things for them.

It takes the typical Taurus in a relationship, a long time to open up and admit their feelings.

This can be off-putting to many potential partners thus leading to a breakup.

The Taurus man is okay with more conventional date ideas so he’s most comfortable with dinner and a movie.

If there are more dates you can change things up by going to a museum, taking long walks, or spending some quiet together.

The Taurus male admires you in ways other men may not even see, so take the same amount of time he does to get ready for a date or prepare an activity together.

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