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The server now hates the Christian religion even more than they might have used to.

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This kind of action shows this person that Christians are cheap, thoughtless and conniving. And I hate it no less to see the shit flying the other way. It’s no skin off my back if you’re positive Lizard Jesus is coming for you tomorrow with a 300 foot peanut butter egg, as long as you don’t bug me.

If you want to be a real “witness” to those who bring you your food and beverage, you better tip the shit out of them. Nona Raybern Nona writes things called words and puts them into sentences that are supposed to make sense, but sometimes don't. That kind of garbage is just self-righteous nonsense, no matter who’s doing it.

Coming from an inner-city youth ministry in Chicago, patriarchy was a totally foreign concept to Pastor Telfer.

Like so many other filmmakers and individuals who were just there to observe, they attended Vision Forum’s San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival simply because it was the only game in town for Christian films.

” Ten days later, when Doug Phillips announced his resignation from Vision Forum Ministries, it began to make some sense. Or did it actually cause more questions and more confusion?

After all, according to World Magazine’s April 5, 2014 cover story article about Doug Phillips, the five men who confronted Doug Phillips on his doorstep did so the day before he resigned, which was October 30, 2013.

This is, most definitely, not an okay tip to leave, Bible belters and tract leavers.

If you want to leave this AND leave them a tip for their exceptional service, then whatever floats your boat.

That didn’t seem like a good idea, so I thought about it for a long time.

I have been going to school for quite a while now to become a certified health coach and my area of emphasis is in learning how to help people who are going through traumatic events, or who have not healed from the stress and trauma and pain of past events in life.

If that is true, why did Vision Forum cancel the film festival ten days prior to Doug being confronted?

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