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This is true because it violated the rights of the subjects without informed consent and did so in a unilateral unethical way.

How would you redesign Milgram’s study to have it pass IRB standards?

In my most humble opinion, I would like to do my best to discuss and give my opinions on what Milgram did to get the conclusions of his study and the areas that I felt were inappropriate.

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For starters, David Bowie died and people spent the day mourning his loss and reflecting on his legendary career.

Yesterday was also the day after the Golden Globes, a.k.a.Milgram’s experiment has become a classic in psychology, demonstrating the dangers of obedience.While this experiment suggests that situational variables have a stronger sway than personality factors in determining obedience, other psychologists argue that obedience is heavily influenced by both external and internal factors, such as personal beliefs and overall temperament. Gather information on Stanley Milgram’s study on obedience and authority.Using the IRB checklist as a guideline, what were some major concerns you had regarding the Milgram study?It is of course a highly manipulative experiment which would certainly be deemed unacceptable by today’s requirements for ethical transparency in research.

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