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This didn’t happen often, but still enough to where I tend put lots of thought into sleeping in beds that aren’t mine.

I do my best to educate others so they have a better understanding of diabetes and what’s going on if I have a high or low BG.

The only difference between you and me is I wear my pancreas on the outside of my body. Trying to right the wrongs they have been told about diabetes.

I usually don’t stress too much over diabetes, as we all know that just causes more problems than it solves.

But, I do wonder if diabetes is hindering my dating life.

I decided I would just take it off as long as my sugar is okay, but the initial, “Sorry if that thing beeps, it’s just my insulin pump.” or, “Yeah, that’s my continuous glucose monitoring.” warning would still be pretty freaking awkward. I quickly learned that being diabetic is in no way an inconvenience in these circumstances, but it is still something I tend to worry about a little more than I should.

Most importantly, when is the time in a relationship to tell the person your diabetic?Is it a fun fact, or do you wait until you’re on a date and have to give insulin?Or do you wait until you experience a high or low with them?As I became more comfortable with my shots and carrying my supplies, I thought all of the issues would subside, but of course, I was wrong. Waking up in someone else’s house with low blood sugar and coming to the realization that normal humans don’t keep juice boxes and fruit snacks on their bedside table…and the little food I had with me wouldn’t do the trick.“Hey, I have to go home, my blood sugar is low,” or, “Um…Hi, do you happen to have a Gatorade or Coke nearby? Although, I’ll always appreciate one response which involved the guy reaching off his bed and grabbing two juice boxes, one for me, and one for him – because, why not?I was diagnosed with type 1 at the age of 21, right in the middle of college.

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