Matthew lewis and bonnie wright dating

Dan has French fries up his nose, and no one's batting an eyelid because they don't know who we are.

Then you fast forward to the premiere of the last film with all those thousands of fans going crazy…

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I loved it, but transitioning from primary to secondary school while shooting the first film meant that I had to catch up with the social stuff later than most people. The films were a great learning experience, but I wanted to do theatre, get better, to have a process."Changing my image might have been an unconscious move, but I knew I didn't want to be stuck as Dudley. Especially after playing such a vulgar, fat, hated person, I felt like I wanted to move on – maybe play Hamlet one day, or have a career like Benedict Cumberbatch's.

I think every actor has the fear of being typecast.

She lives in LA and from September will tour the UK in Houdini, playing the escapologist's wife."I've always been a big fan of Harry Potter.

I'd dress up and queue for hours to buy the books on the day they came out. We sent letters for a while and she was really supportive."In January 2006, they held an open audition for Luna, so I got my dad to take me to London, from Ireland.

When we first started filming, [Harry Potter producer] David Heyman had tickets for the wrestling in Sheffield and invited me, Dan and Rupert.

We sat ringside and my dad still has pictures of us at Mc Donald's afterwards.

I love the fact that we're still really good friends."EVANNA LYNCHEvanna Lynch, 21, played Luna Lovegood in four Harry Potter films.

She has since appeared in Sinbad on Sky1 and the short film GBF, which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival this year.

She has just made her theatre debut in The Moment of Truth at London's Southwark Playhouse."My brother had read the first two Harry Potter books and said I would suit the role of Ginny, so I asked my mum to get me an audition.

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