Roy qiu tang yan dating

Tiffany and Luo were already dating by the time they came together for their fourth drama Princess Weiyoung three years ago, but broke up shortly afterwards. In a recent report released by Chinese tabloid source Quanmingxingtan, dark blurry photos of Tiffany with an unidentified man—now known to be Luo Jin—were taken on the set of Princess Weiyoung earlier this year.

The paparazzi also managed to snap a photo of Tiffany holding Luo Jin’s hand while they were filming the drama in studio, but this was the only paparazzi photo they published in their report.

Which is a shame, because I can see their acting styles really sparking with each other.

Instead of devoting my time to translate SWAK novel (sorry readers!

My first two attempts utterly ended in failure because I never got passed Episode 4.

The storyline just didn't captivate my interest; the melodramatic stunts and overacting/annoyance of Tang Yan's character, Liu Xiaobei, were sometimes painful to watch.

When news reporters asked him about it, he supposedly admitted that the photo was his "good luck charm" and he does have a "crush" on Tang Yan, but they're not dating. Though I still wouldn't watch the whole thing without the power of "Fast-Fowarding." Another plus is an absolutely, STUNNINGLY HANDSOME Roy Qiu in his nicely tailored suits.

I always heard about Roy Qiu, but never actually watched any of his series before Waking Up Love.

Tiffany and Luo Jin spent two nights together during the paparazzi’s observation.

In the first night, Luo Jin, dressed in all black, sneaked into Tiffany’s hotel room with the help of her assistant.

Tiffany and Luo Jin denied all, insisting that they were single.

Pressures of the entertainment industry had forced them to go underground.

Dating speculations between Roy and his new love interest Lee Yu Fen sparked off after the latter was seen visiting Roy during his filming in Shenzhen.

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