Transexual first time dating

The path to the flats lead to a slightly open door and I was told to enter and go straight through to the door directly ahead of the enterance. I didn't dare stare at her so just asked if I could use the toilet first.When I emerged she showed me into a small bedroom which was lit with a red light.

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She asked for the money first and I fumbled the cash from my pocket. I had expected this because it's a way to ensure that prostitutes are not going to get incriminated and prosecuted by the law.

I undressed without any formality and piled my clothes up on the chair next to the single bed.

She lifted off me slightly and asked me to turn over and lie on my back. After a short while she stopped and asked me to put my hands on her.

She laughed and said that it was what i had paid for after all.

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Wow, sucking a cock and getting penetrated in my virgin arsehole for the first time.

i really wonderd if I would go through with it, or simply bolt at the last minute.

I was happy just lying there and relaxing as she talked to me about what I wanted to do with her.

I was half expecting her to say that she wouldn't let me suck her cock, or penetrate me, but she said it would be fine.

never having had a massage this was an experience in itself.

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