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Well, there’s still lots of stupidity going around, but what’s our weapon now~.

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I am basically a lazy person, and I’d be glad if she didn’t complain about this.

Your blood-related family is something like another part of yourself, right?

It’s like a girl who’d want the other to notice that she likes him but cannot say it herself testing it out!

Something about the album “Chain” All of KAT-TUN is stuffed into it.

So it’s because I did my best six years ago that I’m happy now…

★What do you think you will do in five years, ten years and 50 years time?As a caster, dramas, singing, concerts and stage plays…Even if our destination is far away, a girl who comes along, and is having fun together with me on the way would be great~ (6)Doesn’t get mad at untidiness.There are also difficult parts in my life of course, but I’m fully enjoying it.But I have no idea at all what will be in ten years.But we’d want her to know that it doesn’t really have a deeper meaning.

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