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Back home in Spain, I had such amazing friends and such a great time just hanging out with my daughter that I never went out looking for a boyfriend.And to be fair no one was beating down my door in Spain either.Position-Shift allows people to shift their public geolocation to protect their privacy and security while on a smart-phone or social network.

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If I ever finally do have a relationship I’ll come back and follow-up on the topic 🙂 I detest the fact that because Indian men consider foreigners “easy” that they will hit on us expats purely in hopes that they might get lucky. I am still shocked whenever I learn that one of my Indian friends, especially a male friend, was a virgin until they were 24, 26 …28 years old. Where I grew up in southern California, if you entered university a virgin and people found out about it you were ridiculed. and they typically wait until they are in university and more mature to start engaging in intercourse.

But generally speaking it is true that white girls are easy when compared to most Indian women. However, after living in Spain off and on now for the past 18 years I appreciate and respect the value system there much more than where I am from. I do realize I might be crossing the line with this subject today and that sex is a topic that is not supposed to be openly discussed …but that seems to be changing.

is something that everyone needs to experience to know what it is like. This part requires you to get off your lazy butt and take a stroll in some of the best parks in Bangalore.

It can not be expressed in one blog post but I will give it a fighting attempt here. And many who have dated in Bangalore will tell you how awesome it is. If I had a rupee for every time someone has asked me this question then I would be a millionaire. The most popular ones would be Cubbon Park and Lal Bagh.

As I mentioned earlier, I didn’t date much in Spain.

But back in Los Angeles things were very different.Believe it or not, last week I went on my first date since December, 2009.Every time I say that – or in this case, write it – it looks shocking to me but somehow it really doesn’t bother me.Women drive to the date and meet the man and when the bill comes, the cost of dinner or activities would commonly be split 50/50.Men there still like to ensure that the women are happy and taken care of, but that feeling of chivalry didn’t seem as strong in California as it does here. can begin and end so quickly there are even drive-thru wedding chapels in Las Vegas!Well after reading that Ms Angela I am on the next plane out.

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