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Besides the bar girls the other major thing you need to be aware of in Thailand (and something that is well covered in Thai Black Book – The Ultimate Thailand Survival Guide) are the cultural differences.

Thai culture is extremely different from western culture.

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I feel like I could write a book based on my relatively short-lived experience in Thailand.

I have to say that I have a real love hate relationship with Thailand.

No matter how tough you are you cannot win a fight in Thailand if you are a foreigner.

In any dispute of any kind the foreigner is always wrong and every Thai within a 5 mile radius will come running to help kick your ass.

I think almost everybody knows that Thailand is full of gorgeous beaches and is a fairly cheap destination (as I detailed in my Chiang Mai post).

They call it the land of smiles and as long as you behave yourself and make sure not to violate any of the cultural norms that should be pretty much your experience.

You do have one other option in Thailand, internet dating.

I received glowing recommendations for the following site: Thai Love Links (now Thai Cupid).

They will just keep coming until you are dead or unconscious.

If by some miracle you win the battle, rest assured you won’t win the war. With all of those topics out of the way let’s talk about some places to visit.

Since I was only in Thailand for a relatively short period of time, I cannot confirm or deny the accuracy of every topic covered, but I can say that I found almost nothing that ran contrary to my experience.

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