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Maybe there’s a possibility that the old guy and the young guy have negotiated a way to be equals in a very different kind of relationship than you were expecting, than they were expecting? What would happen if you were to embrace your son’s choices here?

If it all comes apart six months later your son would be heartbroken most likely, but isn’t that true of any romantic relationship that he might enter into?

What would happen if your son didn’t have to endure the trial and error with relationships that you did?

I wasn’t looking for a relationship but I was going to let myself be open to the possibility. Rather, it complicated the process of dating by creating a sense of seriousness or intimacy early on, making it more challenging to end the relationship when I realized he really wasn’t right for me.

In total we probably saw each other seven or eight times.

You’re here, so I’m thinking that maybe, just maybe you’ve decided to have an open mind, perhaps for only a bit, but that bit might be all that’s needed for you to break through the wall you’re operating behind and see something special. Nobody is going to question that your son is less mature than someone who is thirty years older than he is.

You’re going to interpret this as he’s likely to be taken advantage of, and he might well be, but why?

Pretending that you’re okay with this when you’re not is equivalent to pretending that the six hundred pound gorilla in the corner is a Barbie doll.

You’ve got two choices, act on your opinion and demonstrate your surprise and displeasure or take a second and think what would happen if you had an open mind?

Interestingly, on Friday the Daily Beast posted a wonderful commentary by Samantha Allen about the double standard in the way May to December relationships are covered in the media and in the general consciousness entitled Freaking Out about Age Gaps in Gay Relationships is Homophobic. Filed under: Commentary, In the News | Tagged: age difference, age disparate, age gap, couple, gay, gay marriage, glbt, intergenerational, LGBT, link, media, partnership, queer, relationship, stephen fry | Leave a comment » Today we have the third part in a guest commentary by Robert Riley.

It is well argued reflection on and refutation of the tropes and stereotypes found in discussion of gay men in age different relationships. Written in the form of an open letter to the parents of his significant other, it asks those parents to examine not only the fears they have but also the potential good of their son having an older partner.

What ‘qualifications’ does your son’s friend bring to the table?

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