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The scene took place in 1999 outside a courtroom where a reckless driver had just been sentenced for causing an accident that left two people dead and a third severely injured.

This clip was taken from (originally unaired) videotape shot by a news crew from station per hour when he sped through an intersection and crashed into Batson’s car. Only Dana Defeo survived, but with severe brain damage. More than a year later, Massey stood before a judge, who sentenced him to five years in prison.The above-displayed video is one that has puzzled countless viewers who have stumbled across it on the Internet, leaving them wondering about both its genuineness and its context.What could prompt a middle-aged woman to haul off and deliver a solid punch to the face of another woman, all without causing any apparent consternation to the bystanders who witnessed the attack?Accusations that the dead victims had been smoking marijuana and unfaithful to their spouses were flying between the families.A member of Terry Batson’s family heard the allegations and punched the accuser in the mouth. The station had sensational videotape on its hands, but the assault had nothing to do with the story that had unfolded in the courtroom.All Paid users can message and post and they also have added benefits.

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