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That is: everyone, because every idea benefits from a good name.If you find the site useful, consider joining our mailing list below where we’ll send occasional thoughts and additional resources on naming.Brands are redesigned with a lustrum regularity and codebases are continually rewritten and replaced but a name, for better or worse, usually sticks.

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And if you see something that would be a good addition to the site, submit an edit via Github or drop us a line.

– Greg and Willem meaning “name.” It was designed and built in Cambridge, MA and Red Hook, Brooklyn, NY.

I will just post in a topic of 100 best faction names. Demonicum Vortex Anthrax Iron Vanguard Wintersong Revolution Doomsgate Overward Grim Redemption Evolved Barbaric Ominous Irrita Iridium Cosmic Vanity Angel Beats Fatal Karma Mystic Revenge Amnach Krag Balmar Miasmador Aralith Valkarie Valkaria Lividia Miris Curse Turmoil Vendetta Orthynes Eclipse Spartan Chaotic Deities Optic Immortal Velocity Impulse Purge Pure Soar Darkened Twisted Azeron Resistance Ravage Nova Avalanche Bloodlust Fallen Psycopath Nexus Desire Anthemic Lament Keepers Guardians Exeo Severed Noctem Dawnlight Nymphus Jaeden Korat Kryptic Myth Malice Illuminus Ebony Cedar Neocrypt Aurum Viligance Delta Anthrax Predator Crimson Shredder Solitude Corrupt Barrage Notorious Tactical Ethyil Ionia Emancipator Equilibrium Inquity Epiphany Lin Kuei Shi Rai Ryu Valiant Umbra Obscurum NOTE: Some of them may be used, some are not...

Names, after all, are perhaps the most indelible artifacts of the product creation process.

The process of naming, then, is the process of neatly packaging up that idea, discovering where it begins and ends so it can be linked as a discrete, easily remembered concept. Many of us practice it informally, doing our best with thesauruses and domain name searches, never stopping to formalize an approach because it seems so devilishly simple – all you really need is a word or two in a language you’ve probably been using your entire life.

A good name can help a company or product become successful, of course, but it can also help the lowliest code library find an audience, help formalize an informal process, and propel ideas about the world toward becoming talking points throughout it. But like any art form, naming benefits from rich tools and processes, and this site is meant to help you discover them – to provide a starting point for anyone who needs to name something.

Keenan-Ivory-Dwaynes (Yes, you need Keenan Allen, Chris Ivory, Dwayne Allen and Dwayne Harris to make this work, but just do it, ok?

) Hyde and Go Luck Yourself Floyd Rage Pop-Lockett-Drop It Hot Lockett Pocket Lockett Palmer? Ei-ferted (Hopefully not Apple's newest product.) A Gronking in December (What you'll do to the rest of your league in the fantasy playoffs.) De Vante’s Inferno Mega Ertz Death Ertz-tificate Shady’s Gurley Party (It will be tough to get both Le Sean Mc Coy and Todd Gurley, but we have faith that you can do it. Also, semi-topical.) View From Lamar Miller’s Bossin’ (Come on, you know you want to reference a lesser-known Coen Brothers film in your fantasy team name!

MORE: Ultimate fantasy cheat sheet You can go a lot of different directions with your team name. 2016 FANTASY FOOTBALL RANKINGS: Quarterback | Running back | Wide receiver | Tight end | D/ST | Kicker Many of our suggestions are dated references to '90s rap, so if you're into dated references to '90s rap, you're in luck!

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