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She attempts to explain, but Darling cuts her off, claiming it 'couldn't be simpler'.

Suddenly, the sound of bears nearby interrupts them.

Soldier claims that the bears must have been attracted by something, citing the two potential attractors as honey or menstruating women.

"In this respect it is regrettable that this debate is again before us, but it is my hope the synod continues to uphold the biblical pattern of church leadership and rejects this legislation." No one expects the arguments of ordination supporters to hold sway, least of all Christine Middleton, convener of the Movement for the Ordination of Women. The further we become separated from society's norm, the more irrelevant the church becomes to everyday people and the less meaning it will have in everyday people's lives." Ms Middleton said Ms Lee would make a great asset to the church and she should not be ruled out of church eldership because of her gender.

"She would be a loss to the church but she wouldn't be the first.

Soldier calmly tells the Scout that he will eat him.

It is revealed that the hot dog was not imagined, but an actual costume, found on a crashed plane (supposedly piloted by Amelia Earhart).

Claire Smith, a committee member of Equal but Different, is one who accepts that biblical teaching precludes women's ordination.

"The issue of women's ordination to the priesthood has been thoroughly researched, discussed and debated over the last 15 years at least and the synod has consistently and, in my opinion, rightly repeatedly affirmed its commitment to the teaching of scripture and wisely accepted that ordination of women to the priesthood represents a departure from biblical teaching," she said.

Fourteen years ago, the Anglican Church of Australia decided to admit women priests, accepting the revolutionary attitude of Jesus towards women, in his time, as its guide.

But the Anglican diocese of Sydney, like conservatives worldwide, takes literally the principal Bible text of 1 Corinthians 14 that women should not play a dominant role in the church and has shut the door on women's ordination to the priesthood.

Originally, the series was supposed to be released bi-monthly, but after the publishing of the second issue Unhappy Returns (also known as Team Fortress Comics #2), the series was changed to tri-monthly releases.

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