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The first two are both classified as the Stylized Bee (TMK-3), but the third is considered a fourth step in the evolution, the Three Line Mark (TMK-4).This form of bumblebee was used one way or another until 1979.

In 1935, the “Wide Crown – WG” trademark was added.

On the earliest figurines it was incised on the bottom of the base. Between 19 the company occasionally used a C inside a circle beside a W within a G mark, this was stamped or incised on the edge of the base.

Greco-Roman and Freestyle wrestling basically differ as follows: In Greco-Roman Wrestling, it is strictly forbidden to grasp the opponent below the belt line, or to trip him or to use the legs actively on his opponent to perform any action.

In Freestyle Wrestling and in Women’s Wrestling, however, it is permissible to grasp the legs of the opponent, to trip him/her and to use the legs actively to perform any action.

When they were first created the figurine series designation or mold numbers had not yet been set up. Hummel is incised on the base of almost every Hummel piece.

When Goebel reached a licensing agreement with Sister Maria and the Convent in 1935, the early figurines were then marked HUM1, HUM2 and HUM3. When the Convent and Sister Hummel made the historic contract with Franz Goebel, it was agreed that her signature, her personal stamp of approval, would appear on every piece.

This time they started printing the name Goebel with the Stylized Bee and V above the name and positioned between the letters b and e.

This new mark is better known as the “Last Bee Mark” and was used until 1979.

In 1950 Goebel paid tribute to Sister Hummel and the trademark was changed to a bee flying high within a V.

The name Hummel in German means bumblebee and the V stands for “Verkaufsgesellschat” or Distribution Company.

Women’s Wrestling follows the rules of Freestyle Wrestling, forbidding however the Double Nelsons.

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