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Probably most embarrassing if she has had some work done on her chest area and the stewardess mentions flotation devices and everyone looks at your girlfriend’s chest and whispers, “Well, she’ll ain’t drowning.” No guy ever wants to ask, “Hey Beautiful, what did you do at work today?

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Not all of them, but enough to catch you attention and maybe make you a little paranoid.

It’s the good kind of paranoid until you realize what people are thinking about when they see her.

For starters, you can get that “My other ride is a porn star” bumper sticker you always wanted to slap on your Jetta!

And I’m sure there are other (mind-blowing) things that would be make a relationship of this sort both exciting and fascinating (maybe terrifying).

However, a lot of people you encounter on a day-to-day basis do.

The stigma of having sex for a living is still a very touchy (no pun intended) subject. Some people wouldn’t let the situation affect them, but I’m guessing sometimes you’d feel a bit ashamed.

You look around and maybe take a few laps with your lady.

Now, when you meet guys from her past, you sometimes get “the look.” That look is basically a guy insinuating that he’s shared a bed with your girlfriend in a Biblical sense. Now, imagine the next 3 hours of your life, where you go up and shake someones hand and every time you do, you get that look.

I congratulate you and can say without question that you are a better and more progressive man than I. However, good luck telling Grandma what your lady did in her last project “Blondes Under the Big Top 4: Clowns on Patrol” during Thanksgiving dinner. ” and “Now, tell me this isn’t the biggest one you’ve ever seen?

This is probably going to be uncomfortable and borderline inappropriate. ” will become the questions you will start to hear in your sleep.

But it probably can’t compare to hearing your porn star girlfriend talking about how she can’t see out of her right eye due to Johnny Sinz’s errant aim.

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