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If your example involves a cellular prefix in the destination country, you must show that the example involves the sort of kickback to an information provider that we're talking about on this page, as well as showing how the number was advertised to get U. callers to dial using a company code that would result in a higher cost per minute.

Regarding rate periods, keep in mind that the rate periods for international calls are generally not the same as for domestic calls.

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Carrying a call ten meters from the inbound switch to a conference bridge in the next room is not what I consider "use of the domestic network." Worse, the charges are often inadequately disclosed, and the consumer has little or no protection against misleading or outright fraudulent use of these international numbers.

For what it's worth, I also object to billing anything other than the cost of call carriage on a phone bill.

It is certainly true that calls to the numbers below may range anywhere from the $1/minute ballpark for 1 in the non-U. Caribbean, up to around $6/minute for other countries (the "011 " variety), for calls placed from the U.

S., especially if the call is completed with a 101xxxx company code different from the caller's default carrier.

The challenge is to demonstrate to me the existence of any wireline (i.e., non-cellular) telesleaze number that carries a surcharge over and above the cost of a call to an ordinary number in the same Caribbean area code or the same non-NANP country code.

In other words, for instance, a 1-284-xxx-xxxx number that costs more than other 1-284-xxx-xxxx numbers, or a 011-683-xxxx number that costs more than other 011-683-xxxx numbers, dialed in the same way during the same rate period (day, evening, weekend, etc.) on the same long-distance carrier.I have yet to see ANY evidence that any of the numbers listed below, or any similar numbers not listed, are charged at any rate different from the cost of a call to the same country on the same long-distance carrier. The only exception, small but likely to grow larger in the future, is that most long-distance carriers now charge extra for calls to cellular phones in many foreign countries, because the inbound settlement includes caller-pays airtime charges.For example, 1-473-468-xxxx might be a telesleaze number, but you will pay exactly the same amount if you call the U. However, I have not yet seen any evidence of telesleaze operators exploiting that fact.The foreign telco's actual cost of handling the call is minimal, since it is carried literally a few meters within the same building. [No reference to any actual company is intended nor should be inferred.] You pick up your phone and dial a telesleaze number in the Republic of Hypothetica.You will be billed by Fictional for that call at the rate they charge for calls to Hypothetica, and that is the entire extent of your involvement in the billing process — what you pay is determined entirely and exclusively by Fictional.It is that last fee that often comprises the lion's share of the cost to you of an international call — Fictional may get the call all the way from your house to the inbound gateway on Hypothetica for a nickel or a dime a minute, or perhaps a bit more, but then pay anywhere from a quarter or so to a dollar or two per minute to Hypo Tel.

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