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Diddley’s tremolo on the guitar, a sound that seemed to slosh around like water. (Also arranged in his signature rhythm was the eerie “Mona,” a song of praise he wrote for a 45-year-old exotic dancer who worked at the Flame Show Bar in Detroit; this song became the template for Buddy Holly’s “Not Fade Away.”) Show” in 1955, Mr. In her book “Spinning Blues Into Gold,” Nadine Cohodas quoted Marshall Chess, Leonard’s son, as saying, “What’s missing from Bo’s version of events is all the gimmes.” Mr.

They saw it as a promising novelty and encouraged the group to return. In any case, Otha Ellas Mc Daniel had a new name and the title of a new song, whose lyrics began, “Bo Diddley bought his babe a diamond ring.” “Bo Diddley” became the A side of his first single, in 1955, on the Checker label, a subsidiary of Chess. Diddley was asked to play “Sixteen Tons,” the song popularized by Tennessee Ernie Ford. Diddley would borrow so heavily against projected royalties, Mr.

Kenneth Haynes; and 15 grandchildren, 15 great-grandchildren and three great-great-grandchildren. Diddley attributed his longevity to abstinence from drugs and drinking, but in recent years he had suffered from diabetes.

In 1958 he asked Gretsch to make him a better one to the same specifications.

Gretsch made it as a limited-edition guitar called “Big B.”“My technique comes from bowing the violin, that fast wrist action,” he told Mr.

Ellas studied classical violin from 7 to 15 and started on guitar at 12, when a family member gave him an acoustic model.

He then enrolled at Foster Vocational School, where he built a guitar as well as a violin and an upright bass. Instead, with guitar in hand, he began performing in a duo with his friend Roosevelt Jackson, who played the washtub bass.

White, explaining that his fingers were too big to move around easily. Diddley said, he tuned the guitar to an open E and moved a single finger up and down to create chords.

As his fame rose, his personal life grew complicated.Diddley had lived in Archer, Fla., near Gainesville, where he owned 76 acres and a recording studio.His passions were fishing and old cars, including a 1969 purple Cadillac hearse. Diddley’s marriages was to Sylvia Paiz, in 1992; his spokeswoman, Ms. His survivors include his children, Evelyn Kelly, Ellas A. Mc Daniel and Terri Lynn Mc Daniel; a brother, the Rev.The group became a trio when they added another guitarist, Jody Williams, then a quartet when they added a harmonica player, Billy Boy Arnold.The band, first called the Hipsters and then the Langley Avenue Jive Cats, started playing at the Maxwell Street open-air market.He was 6 when the family resettled on Chicago’s South Side.

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