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A healthy body is a nourished body – and skin is our body’s largest organ.We encourage Proper Nutrition with whole food smoothie recipes and demonstrations and utilizing ingredients and nutrients that nourish from the outside in as well as the inside out.Regular Exercise increases circulation, oxygen intake and immune response as it reduces stress, depression and toxicity – all of which make a difference in overall well-being.

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Most people need 3–5 drops — please adjust accordingly to your skin’s individual needs. Toners, Post Shave Tonic, and Sea Mists all contain Aloe Water.

Since this is a natural, unprocessed ingredient, every batch of Aloe Water that comes to us varies slightly in cloudiness, resulting in variations of cloudiness/clarity in each batch of t that we make.

We also use Vitamin E in some of our products to extend the natural shelf life and keep the oils in their freshest and most potent form. They are meant to take the place of a cream moisturizer and you should not need another moisturizer if you use the correct amount of facial oil.

In the rare case that you purchase one of our products and find that it is not at its freshest point, please email us so we can handle this on a case-by-case basis. Your face does not need to be completely dry to apply facial oil, in fact, it is helpful and increases fast absorption and spreadability if your face is slightly damp. Let your skin absorb the oils for 3–5 minutes before applying makeup since the oil does need time to sink in.

We suggest using ¼ of the bottle of salts, and ⅙ to ⅛ of the bottle of soaks per bath.

The bath salts are intended to last for approximately 4–5 baths. We update these lists frequently with new stockists. Our products are enclosed in all glass vessels, and are quite heavy.

Usually it will arrive sooner, but customs departments do have the right to hold items and there is not much we can do about this. Yes, all of our products are made in our small production facility in Seattle, Washington. Start by cleansing your face with one of our bar soaps. Is it safe to use your products alongside Retinol products?

Also, we do not pay for anything to be released from customs to you. Follow with a spritz or two of our Facial Mist, which will remove any impurities remaining after cleansing, tighten pores, and prepare your face for better moisture absorption. Our products contain nurturing, hydrating and nourishing ingredients that support the health and resiliency of skin that is exposed to retinol products.

If your skin feels oily after this, you are using too much facial oil.

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