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To allow this, the webcam connects to a user's local home network and obtains an internet protocol (IP) address from their router.This then allows users to dial back into the webcam using that address and view the video field.While it might be the case that the Russian website eventually gets taken down due to government and media pressure, the exploit will continue to exist and webcams will continue to be available and images viewed until users close the gap by changing their passwords to something other than the default. While a finger could be pointed at the manufacturer for using the same password for every device, responsibility also needs to rest with the user to make sure that they are not allowing their own inability to follow password guidelines and read security messages to interfere with their need for privacy.

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It is then a simple matter for unscrupulous types to scan for these cameras over the internet (by looking for devices using the correct ports) and then use the default password to log in and view the feed, keeping track of the details of each camera for collation on a website.

Cameras on baby monitors, closed-circuit TV monitoring as well as standalone webcams are all at risk from being access by the Russian website.

You are watching live videos of Australian wildlife set in a backyard garden.

You will see a wide variety of wildlife all year round including many wild birds birds feeding such as Galah. In summer look for deadly brown snakes, tiger snakes and lizards.

Michael Cowling is Senior Lecturer & Discipline Leader, Mobile Computing & Applications at Central Queensland University.

He does not work for, consult to, own shares in or receive funding from any company or organisation that would benefit from this article, and has no relevant affiliations.Until we can reconcile our use of technology with our desire for privacy and ensure that we all understand what we are using, these problems will continue to occur.Perhaps this will ultimately take legislative intervention, requiring the government to save us from our own ambivalence.The issue was first revealed in September but has now raised concern around the world with the UK's information commissioner urging Russian authorities to take down the website.The Australian government also raised the alarm this month over the then website.For more information about these cameras click here.

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